The online gig-economy is on the rise everywhere and labor markets are rapidly evolving. Short-term contracts, part-time jobs, and web-based freelance work are changing the traditional way workers interact with employers and opening growing opportunities for many.

Most studies have focused on trying to determine the size and potential expansion of the gig-economy in U.S and European countries, where formal jobs have been the norm. There are still many unanswered questions. In developing countries, most of the workforce is already outside traditional jobs and/or self-employed. We believe that there is a sizable group of workers in emerging markets, with a significant potential for expansion and economic growth within the online gig-economy. There is no appropriate tool to measure it yet. 

There are exciting and promising opportunities in the gig-economy, particularly for women who tend to be primary caregivers and significantly value work flexibility. Workers in this market are responsible for their own social and financial security. We believe these workers in emerging markets need customized savings and insurance instruments to be able to do so.

In order to create new financial instruments, it is important to first understand better this group of workers. Our Emerging Markets Gig-Econ Project aims to identity important issues, contribute to the design of solutions, and improve the conversation with the private and public decision makers.


  • Understand the size, characteristics, and diversity of the gig-economy in emerging countries, including gender composition.
  • Identify the social and financial needs and priorities of workers in the gig-economy, capturing gender and age group differences.
  • Analyze the current level of access to financial and insurance tools.
  • Develop human-centered financial and insurance solutions for individuals with volatile income yet still fully responsible of their own social and financial security.


We have developed an online survey targeted to the gig-economy in emerging markets, aimed at deepening our knowledge of this group. This analysis will give us valuable information, which will serve as the basis to develop customized savings and insurance solutions for this growing group of workers. We are currently looking for partners in Latin America, and Africa who are working on these and/or related topics. Please reach out if you would like more information.

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